Dear Persian catwalks costumer.

Welcome dear credit /bonus card holders. We hope to offer you satisficing services.

With your credit card you will receive 10 percent of all you purchases back. You can use the cash rewards after at most 24 hours in all of our stores.

After receiving your card, please send the 16 digit number on it (in English and without spaces) to 30005963 with SMS in order to complete registration process.

After registration in our system, you can receive information regarding your account by sending 1 to 30005963.

The default password for your card is initially set to 1234. If you don’t change it until we know your name on your card, the new password will be sent automatically to you with short massage. Entering this password is essential while using your card. It is also possible to charge and receive your password by sending “8”to 30005963 system.

Card holder with correct password is assumed to be the real owner and can receive its benefits, so please be careful and keep it safe.

Card holders can attend it periodic lotteries in which the prize would be some credit charged in your account.

You can always log in to your account using your credentials in our website to check your credit balance.

This card is not supposed be a bank card and can operate only in stores we list for you.

Please do not put your card in magnetic fields.

Please inform us in case of losing your card